Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Robotics with Mrs Chowfin

In Mrs Chowfin's class we have been learning about Robotics.  Robotics is learning and working with Robots like the Edison,Sphero and the Ozobot. The hardest Robot was Ozobot because we have to draw with special pens and you have to draw big and bold but the easiest Robot is the Sphero because it can not fall over because it is a globe shape the Sphero also has a base stand that charges it.

Monday, 7 August 2017

maths workbook term 3 week 3

This week for maths we are working on finding of the Probability of something happening. we have also started working on finding on finding ratio's.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Hanmer Camp.

Hello last week Totara two and three went to Hanmer camp. It was my first time up in Hanmer and it was the best school camp I have been on. On the first and second night we went to the Hot Pools. The Super Bowl was so much fun to go down. Sadly up in Hanmer it did not snow just got really frosty. We also went up Conicle Hill then we went into town and went to the Lolly Pot. It was a amazing first opportunity for me and many others who maybe have not been up to Hanmer. My favorite thing up in Hanmer was the Lolly Pot and the Hot Pools because the Lolly Pot had so many different candy that I did not know were made and the Hot Pools because it was good just to calm before tea and bed. Going up to Hanmer it took three hours. My favourite thing to do with my group was Mission Impossible.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Hi it is week nine. Two more weeks till the  end of term. We  have started a new topic it is ANZAC work. I like ANZAC because  I like learning things about ANZAC , animals that went to war and what a soldier  had to go through. Did you know if you had you're name was drawn out and you did'n  to go to war you would  go  to prison.

      this is a slide on animals at war


For for maths we are doing fractions into decimals it some times is hard but I ask for help. I like doing maths because it will help out further in life. I am doing good in maths but some things are hard but I keep practising until I get it and other things I click on straight on to things.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Hi  for the past 4 weeks we have being doing art. We drew nikau palms and right now we are using pastels and blending them so there are colours we did not have like navy blue, lilic purple and light green. Totara 2 and 3 my class have the same timetable so we can go back and forth in the two classes and two awesome teachers to learn from and hear different ways of doing things. I like having two teachers to hear different things from and being able to mix with Totara 2 instead of having to be in one class and mixing with other class rooms. Right now we are doing art still but we are doing ether a girl painting or just lines. I am doing lines because I am not good at art.

Monday, 7 November 2016

eva braun topic.

 i am in totara 1 we are reading the boy in the striped pajamas and we have meet eva braun in the book and miss hines say to make a presatasn on her