Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hanmer Camp.

Hello last week Totara two and three went to Hanmer camp. It was my first time up in Hanmer and it was the best school camp I have been on. On the first and second night we went to the Hot Pools. The Super Bowl was so much fun to go down. Sadly up in Hanmer it did not snow just got really frosty. We also went up Conicle Hill then we went into town and went to the Lolly Pot. It was a amazing first opportunity for me and many others who maybe have not been up to Hanmer. My favorite thing up in Hanmer was the Lolly Pot and the Hot Pools because the Lolly Pot had so many different candy that I did not know were made and the Hot Pools because it was good just to calm before tea and bed. Going up to Hanmer it took three hours. My favourite thing to do with my group was Mission Impossible.

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